Welcome to Wudang West

Cultural Heritage Center

   We are a small circle with a big cause. Our aim is to practice and preserve the Daoist wellness arts of Wudang, China, and to make them available for everyone to explore.


We Bring the Mountain to You!

The Wudang Mountains are renowned worldwide for kung fu, medicine, and Daoism. Most may never make the journey there. Fortunately, we can bring the mountain to you!

Who We Are

   We are Wudang West Cultural Heritage Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit Daoist wellness ministry based out of Oakland, California.

   We serve as custodians to the San Feng Spiritual Wellness traditions, inherited directly from the mysterious mountains of Wudang, China.

   We believe the hidden treasure of our heritage is discreetly embedded within the culture itself. With that view in mind, we are neither school, nor clinic, nor dojo. We are simply a modest circle of cultivators exploring the depths of Daoism amidst day to day living. 

What We Do

   All of classical Chinese culture can be reduced down to a series of basic values, principles, and protocols. 

   To those that are ill, sick, or diseased, these views could be considered as healing or medicinal. To those that are already strong and vital, they could be considered for maintenance or optimization. For those that are seeking spirituality, these views could be considered enlightening.

   For us, this is simply our culture - our natural way of life. Movements are for health and stillness is for spirit. In this work, we celebrate both and beyond.

Where We Are

   For over a decade, we have made our home in the heart of downtown Oakland, CA, where we hold space for practice and warm cups of tea.

   We have successfully curated a great number of outreach programs with natural medicine clinics, fitness gyms, elder care facilities, rehab centers, and corporate wellness programs all over the world.

   Daoism is non-evangelical. We've never promoted or advertised our presence. People come by personal invitation, word of mouth, or chance. Now that you've found us here online, let's practice! 

Get Started!

   We have three tiers of service available for every level of interest. Whether you are a beginner, a novice, or a veteran, we hope that you find value for yourself in our offerings.

Community Access

   Curious? Don't know where to begin? This entry level tier is for you. Enjoy our content for free for as long as you like.

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Premium Access

  Put some skin in the game. Invest in your personal journey and take long strides towards your self discovery.

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Connoisseur Club

   Have our premium teas delivered right to your doorstep. Tune into exclusive content and virtual tea tasting events.

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Wudang Internal Arts - A Revived System

     History details a long string of tragic calamities which left the rich traditions of China in shambles. From the scattered ashes of our heritage, a young master Zhong Yun Long and his peers, modestly managed to revive Wudang Martial Culture. His successors, lead by Daoist master Yuan Xiu Gang, assembled the salvaged relics and structured them into a system. China has since opened its doors to allow a new generation to access these jewels. It is our esteemed privilege to make them available to you here and now.

 14th Generation Master
Zhong Yun Long - 鍾雲龍


15th Generation Master 
Yuan Xiu Gang - 袁修刚


16th Generation Master
Wei Da Wei - 魏大衛


17th Generation
Shannon Tetteh



17th Generation
Eileen Housteau



17th Generation
James Damiani



17th Generation
Jahan Khalighi



17th Generation
Dana Iova-Koga


17th Generation
Dan Gill



"What is well planted will not be uprooted.

What is well held will not escape.

Children and grandchildren will not cease praise."

- Dao De Jing ch. 54

Thank You For Your Contribution

Our circle stands on the generosity of our donors. Thank you for supporting this cause.